Eric Laboissonniere (@ericlab2910)

Who are you: Full-time employee at a college
Why Small Ball: I have written for numerous blogs in the past, and Timmy, myself, and Connor really wanted to start this site where we can write about what we want, when we want. We are not going to assign writers by team–we want topics that writers and readers are passionate about, or just find interesting.
Favorite team: Boston Celtics
Favorite athletes: Andy Roddick
Favorite musical artists: Chance The Rapper, Kendrick Lamar
Favorite movies: Good Will Hunting
Favorite foods: BBQ Pulled Pork

Timmy Sclafani (@tsclafani20)

Who are you: I am a passionate (and obsessive) sports fan, especially as it concerns Basketball, Hockey and Soccer. I work in marketing and I hold a degree in Journalism from Roger Williams University.
Why Small Ball: I wanted to be part of (and start) a website that allowed freedom of team/topic and emphasized quality over quantity. There are so many more possibilities in a general-NBA format than when it is team specific
Favorite team: Tottenham Hotspur (COYS!)
Favorite athletes: Gerald Wallace / David Ortiz.
Favorite musical artists: Currently really enjoying Tame Impala and Kendrick
Favorite movies: Favorite standalone movie is probably The Departed, but I’m also a big Lord of the Rings guy.
Favorite foods: All in on Soft-shell Crab, with honorable mention for Buffalo Wings.

Connor Casey (@connor_casey5)

Who are you: I am one of the co-founders of this site along with Timmy and Eric. I am also the program
Why Small Ball: I think we wanted to get this site started first and foremost because we love the game of basketball and wanted to create a site where you can write anything about the league from a very analytical take about mid-range shooting to a feature piece about the best NBA haircuts. Everyone on this site loves the game and we wanted to create an atmosphere where everyone was free to write what they wanted. On top of writing articles, I also bring some experience as an editor after spending the last year as the editor-in-chief of my college newspaper.
Favorite team: I’m a big Boston guy so I love the Celtics, Bruins, Pats, and Sox
Favorite athletes: Growing up my favorite athlete was Nomar Garciaparra and, oddly enough, Ricky Davis back when he played for the C’s. He was such a train wreck and I loved every second of it
Favorite musical artists: I’m a big country music guy so I’m all about a little Rascal Flatts and Toby Keith
Favorite movies: I may catch some shit for this but I love watching Summer Catch…it’s a guilty pleasure of mine
Favorite foods: Give me a Pastrami Melt and I’m gonna be happy for days.

Paul Mitchell (@paulmitchellnba)

Who are you: I work as a chef at a local restaurant to subsidize my basketball blogging, to which I’ve written at Brooklyn’s Finest on the ESPN TrueHoop Network covering the Nets for the previous two seasons and served as Editor in Chief during a thrilling 21-61 season in 2015-16. Have also podcasted and blogged at my personal blog,
Why Small Ball: Shouts to Eric Laboissonniere for the recruit, and for allowing me the opportunity to join an exciting start-up site with a great focus and staff. I’m super interested in the “X’s and O’s” of the game, and will be incorporating plenty of video and media into breaking down the league’s best (and worst!) sets. Expect a lot of pick-and-roll coverage and boring basketball jargon, and not so much of the narratives and #hottakez.
Favorite team: Celtics, baby!
Favorite athletes: All-time: Larry Legend (Most Underrated: Scottie Pippen). Current: Karl-Anthony Towns
Favorite musical artists: Tupac, Nas, Black Thought, Royce da 5’9″, Phonte
Favorite movies: The Shawshank Redemption
Favorite foods: Give me steak and potatoes or a burger and fries any day.

Brandon Jefferson (@pengriffey_jr)

Who are you: I am a permanent substitute teacher and high school basketball coach in NJ. Aside from enriching the minds of the worlds future leaders–TOTAL SARCASM–I spend most of my time watching/playing and writing about basketball.
Why Small Ball: First off, I love to write. I figured with me being all things basketball 24/7/365 it’d be much more productive use of my life to offer my analysis and opinions to the masses. As far as what I bring to the table, I’m the guy who watches the random High School basketball events that are on ESPNU in late July-Early August.
Favorite team: New England Patriots. (It’s a long story).
Favorite athletes: Ken Griffey Jr. (hence the Twitter handle) and Kevin Durant
Favorite musical artists: Kendrick Lamar
Favorite movies: Forgetting Sarah Marshall, The Dark Knight, Man on Fire
Favorite foods: Pizza (cold pizza is the greatest breakfast food of all time *Kanye voice*)

Matthew Billington (@mattybillington)

Who are you: I go to Rhode Island College as a double major, neither of which involve writing. If you want some examples of what i’ve done for my own site I mess around with, you can check it out at (excuse some of the language–free writing on there, not like I will for Small Ball!) 
Why Small Ball: After I stopped playing baseball at school, I wanted to pursue a new way to represent the passion and knowledge I have for sports
Favorite team: Red Sox/Celtics
Favorite athletes: Manny Ramirez/Tom Brady
Favorite musical artists: Dave Matthews/Dierks Bentley
Favorite movies: Casino
Favorite foods: Homemade Mac n Cheese

Mitchell Evans (@mitchellaevans)

Who are you: I currently work at a homemade ice cream parlor where I make the ice cream, as well as attend community college and coach high school basketball.
Why Small Ball: I wanted to contribute to Small Ball because it seems like it will be a good atmosphere and I enjoy reading and putting my thoughts and ideas into articles. I bring over 400 articles of experience to the site and have a unique point of view through a coaches’ eye.
Favorite team: Lakers, 49ers, SF Giants, Cal Bears. You have them all!
Favorite athletes: Steve Nash, Damian Lillard, Kobe
Favorite musical artists: Kid Cudi, Kendrick Lamar
Favorite movies: Training Day, Man on Fire
Favorite foods: Pasta

Nolan Connor (@nolanchuck)

Who are you: For my full time gig currently I’m working at ProActive travel where I organize international trips for sports teams to play exhibition games overseas and all their travel logistics. (If there’s a team you know who wants to travel let me know).
Why Small Ball: I’m a Celtics die-hard and tend to be bias, but I would like to use Small Ball to share some of my other thoughts about the league. It seems like we’ll have enough of a Boston influence anyways. So for the most part I’ll try to avoid pieces about them but can’t make any promises.
Favorite team: Celtics
Favorite athletes: David Ortiz, MJ and Evander Holyfield
Favorite musical artists: Lupe Fiasco
Favorite movies: The Dark Knight and Space Jam
Favorite foods: Pasta

Cody Lanza (@codylanza)

Who are you: I’m a student at UMass Amherst studying Sports Communication and Public Affairs. Currently I’m working as a bar-back at Oak Barrel Tavern in Worcester.
Why Small Ball:  I’m someone who is always reading, listening, talking or watching sports. I love seeing other people opinions about certain subjects and am excited to finally have my voice heard through Small Ball. I like to be creative and can always find a good story many people may not have seen or bring an interesting idea to the table to make the readers think.
Favorite team: I’m a Boston die hard, so if the team plays in my city I’m a huge fan.
Favorite athletes: Tom Brady, David Ortiz, Paul Pierce, Antoine Walker
Favorite musical artists: This is a tough one but I’ll say top 5 (Drake, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa) but I’m always trying to find new music
Favorite movies: He Got Game or Like Mike (both are classics in my eyes)
Favorite foods: Pizza or wings

Mike Gribanov (@mikegrib8)

Who are you: I’m a minimum wage security guard/student.
Why Small Ball: I wanted to write for the site because I love the sport of basketball more than anything in the world outside my family. Hopefully this can be an opportunity for me to one day have a career directly involved with basketball. I love scouting the draft and attempting to find sleepers among free agents or players playing overseas, in the D League or buried deep on someone’s bench. Using stats, along with the eye test to expose common misconceptions and possible market inefficiencies.
Favorite team: Don’t have a favorite team, I just like young, well rounded players. This year I’ll probably be rooting for the Timberwolves.
Favorite athletes: Manu Ginobili, Khris Middleton, OG Anunoby
Favorite musical artists: 2Pac is my favorite musician of all time. I don’t listen to new music much anymore but I do enjoy Young Thug and Travis Scott on occasion.
Favorite movies: My favorite film is probably Menace II Society (I’m an LA guy). Comedy wise I really love the 40 Year Old Virgin, Half Baked and of course, Friday.
Favorite foods: My favorite food isn’t exciting – lobster. I also love “Fruity Pops” brand watermelon popsicles.