The Hustle: Week Five – Breakout Players


Paul Mitchell: Okay, St. Jean, in last week’s The Hustle we played the small sample size game in relation to teams off to unsustainable starts this early into the season.

This week, can we talk about players who are particularly balling out, even if it is just a few weeks into ‘16-17?

Which player(s) are you impressed by already, and which are able to make The Leap into continued success over the next few months? How about any players who are possibly playing above their means and which you think will regress a bit with more time? And finally, have you seen any struggling players yet who you might be worried about over the long-term?

(Thanks, I’ll take my answers off-air.)

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The Hustle: Week Three – Most Interesting Teams


Paul Mitchell: The NBA season is nearly upon us, and the preseason previews are completed and posted. Throughout the process, which has been the most difficult team for you to get a grasp on? Alternately, which team(s) do you feel comfortable in assessing entering the season, and which are you the most interested in watching compete in 2016-17?

(It’s almost here!)

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The Hustle: Week Two – League Pass Disasters



Chris St. Jean:  Alright, Mitchell, the season is nearing fast, Zach Lowe has released his League Pass Rankings, and we’re all excited to watch the Wolves, Celtics, and Jazz when the real games kick off. But sometimes it’s fun to watch a new team because you expect things to go horribly wrong, or the team that was put together on paper makes no sense, or you just can’t take your eyes away (the car accident team). As the 2016-17 season approaches, what is your number one League Pass disaster team?

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